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(Model: UKL/95/EU)

FULLY ADJUSTABLE MUSIC LIGHT. The Universal KlipLite UKL/95/EU music stand light can clip on to all types of music stands and adjusts to any angle for perfect music light on your music sheet. Finished in black textured non-glossy enamel, and made from heavy gauge metal that will withstand hard use for years. Comes with on-off toggle switch, full 8-foot cord, and can use standard 15 to 40 watt tubular high intensity bulbs. The UKL/95/EU music stand light may also be upgraded to the LED Cordless KlipLite music stand light using our easy to install music light LED Insert Module.

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  • Manufactured Metal Shade.
  • Shade die cast zinc finish.
  • Black textured baked on enamel.
  • On/Off toggle switch with eight-foot electrical cord.
  • Uses standard 15-watt bulb or 40-watt bulb.
  • Individually boxed.
  • Weight approximately 1 pound

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Inventing the LED Light
Nick Holonyak invented the first practical LED in 1962. LED's produce more lumens per watt than both incandescent and halogen lights. LED's produce more lumens per watt than both incandescent and halogen lights, making them more environmentally friendly and cost-effective. And their long life span makes them ideal for use in music lights.
Not Just For Music!

Not only for music light, Did you know that the Kliplite Music Stand Light can also make for a useful reading light. The Cordless LED Kliplite's 8 powerful LED lights prove to be very effective for lighting books when reading.

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Cordless LED Insert Module
Upgrading your conventional Kliplite music stand light has never been easier. Purchase a Cordless LED Insert Module to convert your UKL/95/EU or UKL/II/EU music light to a new Cordless LED Music Stand Light... No need to purchase a new music light!

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