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(Model: UKL/II/LED)

The Kliplite music light Cordless LED Insert Module allows you convert all of your older Kliplite model music stand lights into the new LED model music stand light with ease. When upgrading Kliplite music lights there is no need to purchase the whole LED music stand light to replace your current UKL/95/EU and UKL/II/EU model music stand light. The Cordless LED Kliplite music stand light is completely portable and light weight, this state-of-the-art battery operated music stand light allows up to 20 times longer battery life for up to 16 hours of continuous music light with standard alkaline batteries. Replacement of the batteries in this music light is simple and quick. Eight long lasting LEDís will provide music light in just the right place on your music stand or anywhere it is needed. Looking for music light convenience? Youíre looking for our Cordless LED Kliplite, there's no other music stand light like it!

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  • Fits both UKL/95/EU and UKL/II/EU model Kliplite's.
  • Installs easily to our other music stand lights.
  • Eight bright white, long lasting LEDís.
  • LEDís provide up to 16 hours of continuous music light.
  • No need for replacement bulbs with the LED Kliplite.
  • Battery operated Ė only three AA batteries (included).
  • State-of-the-art design reduces battery drain.
  • 20 times longer battery life.
  • Optional battery pack or AC power adaptor.
  • Light weight, sturdy construction.
  • Clips on most music stands: Hamilton, Manhasset, etc.

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Cordless LED Music Light
The Kliplite Cordless LED Music Stand Light is one of a kind running solely on AA batteries. This battery operated music light with eight extremely powerful LED lights can provide music light for up to hours. There's no other music light like it.

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Cordless LED Insert Module
Upgrading your conventional Kliplite music stand light has never been easier. Purchase a Cordless LED Insert Module to convert your UKL/95/EU or UKL/II/EU music light to a new Cordless LED Music Stand Light... No need to purchase a new music light!

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Not Just For Music Light
Not only for music light, Did you know that the Kliplite Music Stand Light can also make for a useful reading light. The Cordless LED Kliplite's 8 powerful LED lights prove to be very effective for lighting books when reading.
Inventing the LED Light
Nick Holonyak invented the first practical LED in 1962. LED's produce more lumens per watt than both incandescent and halogen lights. LED's produce more lumens per watt than both incandescent and halogen lights, making them more environmentally friendly and cost-effective. And their long life span makes them ideal for use in music lights.
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